Management Advisory Services

Business growth does not always equal success. That comes with planning – Planning that develops informational systems, evaluates and forecasts, improves profitability, and improves organizational responsiveness. Our management advisory services help you do just that.

As your CPA, we get to know your organization, operations, and finances; your tax situations; and your data processing and management information system needs. Using this as a base, we help you put your business on the steady track to success.

Some of the areas that we look at include:

Accounting systems

We can help you design, implement or improve current accounting systems through:

  • Cost accounting systems
  • Budgets, projections, and forecasts
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Inventory / purchasing controls
  • Data processing and management information systems
  • Pricing strategies and controls
  • Systems flowcharting
  • Determining financing
  • Profit margins
  • Personnel evaluation and/or selection

Financial Strategies

Should your business expand its new line? Should you close your old plant and build a new one? Begin producing a part you normally purchase from a vendor? Consider acquiring a similar business in the next county?

We can help you find the answers to these and countless other important questions. Our financial analyses consider cash flow, forecasts and projections, economic situations, and long- and short-term goals to help you devise strategies that work for you and your business. Our knowledge of your industry, and our broad range of business skills, ensure that we will best meet the needs of your organization.

Systems Planning, Installation, and Implementation

Computerizing your production and accounting systems is no easy task. By tapping into our knowledge of data processing technology, business planning processes, and management and accounting information systems, we can help you turn a complex and intimidating project into a productive and profitable one. Our services help you:

  • Analyze systems needs and requirements
  • Evaluate vendor bids and proposals
  • Implement systems
  • Monitor and evaluate ongoing systems
  • Provide training for employees

Bottom Line

As you learned early on, those in business who succeed do not always know all the answers – they just know where to go to get them.

With our experience and expertise, we can provide you with some of these answers. The bottom line of our management advisory services is that they help you increase yours. Perhaps more importantly, we will be available whenever you need assistance.


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