Litigation Support

What are the financial facts relevant to a legal claim or case? Whether the claim involves insurance, contract disputes, valuations, or business interruption, complex litigation often requires the skills and experience that only knowledgeable CPAs can provide.

Members of our firm have had extensive training and experience working with law firms. They know the needs of lawyers, they know business, and they know how to bring the two together – especially in ways that enhance litigation strategies.

How We Can Help

We assist by advising attorneys on all matters relevant to the financial aspects of a case. Though each case is different, our experienced professionals can:

  • Establish and identify issues and facts
  • Obtain important and necessary financial information
  • Determine financial consequences of claims, losses and settlements
  • Participate in settlement negotiations
  • Serve as expert witnesses

More Important Than Ever

As our society grows increasingly litigious, cases grow increasingly more complex. And this complexity often is centered around financial and accounting matters.

Our broad range of experience in financial matters-in tax, accounting, financing, estate and personal financial planning, valuations, costs, business planning, and information systems-is merely the base of our services. We have built on that base by creating a structure of experienced professionals who focus on the issues, needs, and challenges facing attorneys, and who can find ways to meet them.

As knowledgeable CPAs, we can provide you with the kind of litigation support that meets your needs and wins cases.


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