High Net Worth Tax Planning

In addition to our tax planning services for businesses, Rogers, Anderson, Malody & Scott, LLP provide expert tax planning services to high net worth individuals.

Clients choose us for several important reasons…

We take a broad approach to tax planning, incorporating financial management; business holdings and taxation; insurance; planned giving; and other areas of concern.

Our staff has deep knowledge of tax law and interpretations of this law. We monitor trends in tax legislation and identify opportunities for our clients to retain more of their earnings.

We offer a personal approach to tax planning. Our professionals work with clients to ensure that tax decisions reflect their individual goals and financial needs. Having a true partner in the management of these assets gives our clients confidence and security in these decisions.

High net worth individuals choose Rogers, Anderson, Malody & Scott, LLP for both ongoing tax planning and the preparation of financial returns. Learn more about each area below.

Ongoing Tax Planning

Our high net worth clients often face complex tax rules and regulations. Rogers, Anderson, Malody & Scott, LLP serves as their advisor for these concerns. We help to:

  • Interpret changes in the law and how decisions now can benefit clients later.
  • Analyze the tax benefits of investment opportunities in real estate, oil and gas, and other risk capital ventures.
  • Guide clients about the financial overlap between themselves and the businesses they own.
  • Provide income and estate tax counseling for financial settlements involved in divorce and separation agreements.

Clients receive timely, effective, and personalized advice. Our professionals have the experience and the knowledge to offer solutions even to complex challenges.

Return Preparation

Rogers, Anderson, Malody & Scott, LLP tax specialists assist clients in meeting their tax filing requirements while receiving all allowable deductions and exemptions. We work to:

  • Improve current tax positions.
  • Build and preserve assets.
  • Minimize estate taxes.

Our returns are computerized for both speed and accuracy, and our internal system of processing returns assures timeliness, efficiency and confidentiality. These steps are handled by professionals with broad experience in tax planning and tax preparation.


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