Successful manufacturing businesses look to optimize their production, develop new products and services, and expand their operations to meet customer demand. Proper financial management and accounting make these steps possible.

With the right systems in place, manufacturing companies can:

  • Determine overhead more accurately.
  • Retain more of their revenue.
  • Pursue projects with more working capital.

They can also ensure that money is being used most effectively and that they are current with their financial and tax obligations.

Our Work in Manufacturing

Rogers, Anderson, Malody & Scott, LLP is recognized as a leading provider of accounting and financial services to the manufacturing industry. Our professionals support a variety of manufacturing and wholesale sectors, including food and beverage; electronic components; plastics; and heavy equipment.

Our staff has extensive experience solving the challenges that manufacturers face. We understanding the unique accounting requirements of the industry and the systems and software that can help businesses achieve their goals.

How We Support Manufacturers

Choose our team as your financial partner. We provide FIFO/LIFO inventory valuations, internal control reviews, and product cost analyses. Each of these offerings can help a business generate greater revenue and reduce waste.

Use us as your Chief Financial Officer. Our staff supports businesses on an ongoing basis to oversee budgets, taxes, and accounting. Companies can also hire us during periods of heavy work flow or to support specific projects. As a result, manufacturing companies get the expertise that they need without having to employ a large financial department.

Rely on us to train and assist your team. For manufacturers that have a staff of accounting and financial professionals, we can be an invaluable partner. We can train team members in the latest accounting and financial practices; help with implementing new software systems; and work with companies to ensure compliance with financial regulations.

Get to know Rogers, Anderson, Malody & Scott, LLP and all of our services for manufacturers.


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