Federal, state, and local governments manage significant financial resources. They also face public demand for efficiency, expediency, and transparency.

Typically, this presents a couple of challenges:

  1. Governmental agencies want oversight, but they may need to rely on an in-house staff of finance and accounting professionals.
  2. These professionals must often meet the high expectations of the agency with limited resources and manpower.

By partnering with Rogers, Anderson, Malody & Scott, LLP, governments can address both concerns.

Our Work with Government

Rogers, Anderson, Malody & Scott, LLP has over six decades of experience assisting governmental agencies with their most complex financial projects. We have supported public institutions at all levels, though we most commonly work with city governments, municipalities, and special districts.

Why choose us?

  • We have expertise in the accounting processes required for governmental resources.
  • Our team follows best practices and standards in reporting for public institutions.
  • We simplify the work of governing boards and professional staffs so that they can deliver effective, efficient services.

How We Support Governmental Agencies

When representatives of a governing board hire us, it is often to provide ongoing financial and accounting services.

As an example, we might work with staff accountants and financial managers, giving them resources they need during particularly demanding periods. We go beyond the typical provider, however. Our firm trains in-house staff so that they can better manage the financial and accounting requirements they may face once our engagement is complete.

Sometimes, however, governments do not have the resources to keep a large staffs on hand. Even governments with limited resources can realize significant financial savings by hiring us on an hourly basis. We act as their accounting manager, comptroller, and provider of essential services as needed.

Government clients may also choose us to handle important projects. Commonly, governments hire us to prepare financial audits. Our work helps assure that proper controls are in place, functioning correctly, and reporting necessary information.

As a result of our work, governments can run more effectively, focus on their most important concerns, and make best use of their resources.


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